Healing Touch & Energy Work

Healing Touch is compassionate energy therapy. Gentle, light or near-body touch is used in a heart-centered and intentional way to clear, balance, energize and support the human energy system. Energy therapies focus on removing energy congestion that forms in our energy fields (aura) and energy centers (chakras). Healing Touch facilitates a deep sense of calm and relaxation.

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In a few decades scientists have gone from a conviction that there is no such thing as energy fields in and around the human body to an absolute certainty that they exist.
— James Oschman Ph.D.
Energy Medicine, The Scientific Basis, 2000.

What to Expect in Your Session

Healing Touch is a gentle, biofield (energy field) therapy that often facilitates a deep sense of calm and relaxation in the body-mind-spirit.

The treatment is typically administered while you lie on a massage table or sit in a chair, with your clothes on. I use my hands or a pendulum to assess your biofield, and will clear or balance your aura as needed using either off-body touch (near body but no direct contact) or a gentle (still) touch over various areas of the body.

On occasion, one may experience an acceleration of the healing process and his/her symptoms may intensify for a brief time. When this happens, the recovery period of the illness is usually reduced.

By the end of the session you may feel nurtured, calm, and energized.


Research suggests that Healing Touch greatly benefits those who receive it:

  • Reduces pain

  • Reduces anxiety

  • Relieves stress and depression, reduces the effects of trauma

  • Provides support during chemotherapy and enhances recovery from surgery

  • Strengthens the immune system

  • Creates a sense of well-being

  • Deepens spiritual connection

  • Supports the dying process