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I’ve had several massages by Racheal, and always leave feeling refreshed and relaxed.
I recently attended one of her sound baths, and OMG, for me it was like an out-of-body experience. I felt light, and I left with a new found fascination. Cant wait for my next one!
— Chandra G. from Idaho
I have been to many massage therapists over the years, few have been up to the exceptional quality Racheal provides! The progress that I’ve experienced over the past year of working with Racheal has been phenomenal! As soon as I walk in the door I decompress. Her space has an amazing, safe, soothing, good-energy vibe. I haven’t been to a sound bath yet but I cannot wait. If your mind, body, or soul could use some help - go see RacheaI. I cannot recommend her enough!
— Nadine P. from Idaho
I just wanted to take a few minutes to report on how the treatment went. The improvements that I experienced increased as the day progressed. This may be hard to believe but the tension in my neck and head were to such a degree that it was effecting the vision in my left eye and my balance. It also resulted in thick feeling in my throat and tightness in my left sinus. All this in addition to dull nagging pain and the other complications in my shoulders. Almost all of these problems have gone away. Over the years I have been to many practitioners, (including physical therapists, chiropractors, practitioners of Chinese medicine, and manual therapists), with varying degrees of success in treating the problems resulting from the line of work that I am in. Of them I count you as being among the best of the best. Your technique is refined, your ability to identify problem areas is acute and your ability to treat those problems is very effective. This was my second appointment with you and each time I have come away pleasantly surprised by the amount of improvement I felt. I believe that you have a real talent that places you far above the average practitioner.
— Paul K. from Idaho
I first saw Racheal after moving and my back was so tight that I was in pain sitting up or lying down. After 1 ashiatsu session and a few hours of much needed rest I was back to normal. Since then I have gone back many times with different ailments and every time have left without pain. I have always had dense, tight muscles which require a lot of pressure to work through but Racheal has been amazing every time!
— Lawrence L. from Google
Racheal told me what areas had issues and how she explained the possible causes and remedies. She also told me the names of the muscles involved, and showed me stretches to incorporate into my daily routine.
— Dan P. from Idaho
I came to Racheal with several issues: Years of construction work and football injuries have plagued me, I am a very active person and the injuries were catching up with me. I had a seriously intense sharp pain in my hip that sent me to the doctors a couple times. At times I could not walk and a dull pain would even keep me up at night. It took a few sessions for her to help me, but I am currently pain-free and have been for a few weeks now. I feel great. As a result of several knee surgeries, I have never had feeling in my shin or foot. After a few sessions, the sensitivity has come back in both the shin and foot. I also ruptured my Achilles tendon several years ago and have had a rough time getting it back into shape. Racheal broke up the scar tissue and I can tell my calf has gained back some strength and flexibility. Thank you Racheal. I feel 100% better!
— Matt J. on Facebook
Omg...the best I’ve ever had. Got down deep and helped a lot.
— Kathy W. from Washington
I have terrible back pain under my shoulder blade, after Racheal worked on the area, I felt relief and the pain was gone for a week.
— Christine M. from Idaho
I will definitely go back. I’ve been going to the Highlands Day Spa and this was far more than I expected.
— Greg V. from Washington
That was by far the best massage I’ve ever had in my entire life, your hands are magical. I’ll see you again in 2 weeks.
— Buck from Montana